Legacy of the Void Beta Patch 2.5.5


Here are the latest changes for the StarCraft II Legacy of the Void Beta. For a more detailed breakdown about these changes, please make sure to read our blog.


The first iteration of Automated Tournaments has been added.
This feature can be accessed by clicking on ‘Tournaments’ on the home screen.
Read our blog to learn more.
Showing possible enemy placements on a map has been increased to 25 seconds.


Removed Chrono Boost.
Warp Gate research time reduced to 140 from 160.
Nexus provides 11 supply up from 10.
Charge now deals 30 damage on hit.
Charge speed buff reduced to 2.75, down from 2.95.
Warp Gate
Warping in units at a Pylon increased to 16 seconds, up from 5.
Warping in units at a Pylon that is near a Warp Gate or a Nexus will take 2 seconds.
Warp Prism
Warping in units takes 2 seconds, down from 5.
Purification Nova removed.
New ability: The disruptor becomes immobile and shoots out a ball of energy that can be controlled and detonates after a few seconds, dealing 145 damage and 55 damage to shields.
If the Disruptor is destroyed before the energy ball detonates, it will fail to explode.
Build time reduced to 50 seconds from 60.


Calldown: MULE has been removed.
Lock On damage reduced to 300 over 20 sec.
Can use Lock ON against air units; deals 120 damage over 20 sec.
New Upgrade: Increases Lock On damage to 600 over 20 sec against ground units and 360 over 20 sec for air units.

Removed faster unload upgrade.
New upgrade increases Ignite Afterburners by 50%.


Spawn Larva
Spawns 2 larva, down from 4.
Set to autocast by default.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that caused clicking sounds when launching StarCraft II for Windows 10 users.


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(Wednesday, Feb 7. 2018 08:01 PM)
Ajmeeee ne ne…. Ne pokreci tu temu i ovde 😀
(Wednesday, Feb 7. 2018 02:56 AM)
piši kako je toss op, to bi se svidilo sajku
(Tuesday, Feb 6. 2018 10:06 PM)
Neznam sta da pišem
(Sunday, Feb 4. 2018 12:58 PM)
afrika nesto si prestao spamat sa njuzima
(Saturday, Feb 3. 2018 11:45 PM)
jel se moze gif postaviti kao profilna slika? Hans?
(Friday, Jan 12. 2018 11:00 AM)
bebe je uvijek tu 😀
(Saturday, Jan 6. 2018 08:32 PM)
Fino, bebe je tu!
(Saturday, Jan 6. 2018 03:47 PM)

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