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Starcraft Freaks Clan

Croatian Starcraft clan

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SFC is an 18 year old Starcraft clan that went through many ups and downs. We're currently in good form and are competing in two team leagues (SC2Alpha and RSTL).

What we're offering:

  • positive atmosphere for playing Starcraft
  • possibility of competing in team leagues
  • team colleagues for practice and learning
  • well constructed and stable clan

What we're looking for:

  • normal condcut (mutual respect among clan colleagues)
  • a will to improve in Starcraft
  • a stable amount of games played throughout the season
  • possibility of participating in clan wars

In order that you fit well in the clan keep in mind that we're looking for motivated players ranked at least platinum.

All ex members are welcome under a condition. Fill out this form and play on your own for two or three weeks in order to be sure you really want to play Starcraft.

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